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AddStudio is a commercial photography studio in Malaysia with years of experience in professional commercial photography production. We work with private, public, national and foreign companies in various commercial photography fields. Be it a project for film, fashion, lifestyle, architecture or design, our commercial photography studio has the tools and experience that allow high impact results with efficient production costs and times.
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At our photography studio in Kuala Lumpur, we have photographers equipped with the equipment needed in a modern professional photography studio. They are specialized in diverse niches and have a creative and up-to-date vision aligned with the dynamics of the modern market. The quality of each photograph is essential to guarantee the physical appeal, sale or patronage of your product.

For all e-commerce entrepreneurs, advertising photography can ensure the success of your marketing campaign. At our professional commercial photography studio, we work together with agencies, individuals or creative professionals like yours to guarantee an excellent visual result in each project. Our commercial photography studio in Malaysia makes it a priority that the photographic quality of our clients' projects are always recognized for their aesthetics and impeccable designs.

Why choose AddStudio?

1. Lower costs – We are not just the best photography studio Kuala Lumpur has in terms of quality service, but we also offer a price scheme suitable for your needs. You can hire our services based on your own preferred budgets and requirements.

2. Retouching and editing – Our commercial photography studio carries out professional retouching of photographs as well as its editing for brochures, magazines, digital networks, and web pages.

3. Optimal delivery times – We know how important it is for you to have the material as soon as possible without
compromising the quality of the final product.

4. Satisfaction guaranteed for product photography – You will have the treatment and attention that your client or business deserves at all times. We have professional photographic equipment and specialized lighting for product and food photography.

Our team of photographers has the necessary training, experience, and professionalism needed in a professional photography studio to make your production a success. Leave your project in our hands. Ask for a quote now!